With talk of Christmas flying around the office we thought we’d take a look back at the first interactive video BRADLEY.TV ever made. It was part of an XFactor Xmas Number One promotional campaign for Bauer Media. The concept was simple. We got pop stars to hold up a CD (yes a CD! They were […]

THANK YOU LADBROKES Did you know BRADLEY.TV have been supplying Ladbrokes with video creation, production, distribution and monetisation services for the past 7 years and they rank as one of our best clients? To celebrate this fact we wanted to find a way to say “THANK YOU LADBROKES”. AS KAMMY WOULD SAY “IT’S BEEN UNBELIEVABLE!” […]

Back in the day we all thought we’d get rich making music videos! It was a great idea and amazing fun but the harsh reality is that making money out of producing music videos is a very tough call. From memory we stopped promoting the service in 2010 after several years of flogging a dead […]

RAMBLES, GAMBLES, SHAMBLES A PLACE TO SHARE THINGS THAT WE GOOFED, WENT WRONG, LOOKED COOL, MARKED A MILESTONE OR JUST MADE US LAUGH In no particular order… Paul and Nick at St James’ Club, London Oh yeah. Say hello to our new Sony Bravia 4K Ultra HD 65” 1 cm deep TV. Picture quality is […]

What do you do with 96 glass windows that you know you’re going to have to replace soon? In 2008 that’s precisely the question we asked ourselves. We’d just moved into the very front part of the ground floor of Monarch House and were sat on orange boxes staring at these large panes of glass. […]