With talk of Christmas flying around the office we thought we’d take a look back at the first interactive video BRADLEY.TV ever made. It was part of an XFactor Xmas Number One promotional campaign for Bauer Media. The concept was simple. We got pop stars to hold up a CD (yes a CD! They were […]

THANK YOU LADBROKES Did you know BRADLEY.TV have been supplying Ladbrokes with video creation, production, distribution and monetisation services for the past 7 years and they rank as one of our best clients? To celebrate this fact we wanted to find a way to say “THANK YOU LADBROKES”. AS KAMMY WOULD SAY “IT’S BEEN UNBELIEVABLE!” […]

VIDEO TESTIMONIALS – WHY ARE THEY SO IMPORTANT? Video testimonials are becoming more and more popular with our clients as businesses recognise the huge, positive impact they deliver. We like to think of them as the digital equivalent of the traditional word-of-mouth recommendation. Video testimonials are now an essential weapon in any self-respecting marketing toolkit. […]

CREATING SHOWREELS  ›  WHY PRODUCING YOUR OWN IS SO TRICKY BRADLEY.TV have a decade of experience CREATING SHOWREELS for ourselves, our various VIDEO PRODUCTION SERVICES, clients, advertising agencies, creative agencies, pr agencies and even other video production companies. It never fails to amaze us how tricky it can be to get it right. We suspect it’s a […]

HOW TO REVOLUTIONISE INTERNAL COMMUNICATIONS   Nothing with connect with your workforce like video. Not only are we the market leaders in internal communications video production but we are also the only company in the world that can deliver your videos instantly to the mobile phones of all your staff. The impact this has is […]

A post dedicated to photos and videos of the BRADLEY.TV film crews at work… It’s rare we ever bother to pick this stuff up ourselves. Sometimes clients, actors or even passers by step in and snap something interesting the film crews are doing. As a rule we stick strictly to the blind side of the […]

BRADLEY.TV produced an interactive video in the style of a cinematic movie trailer for the American life sciences company, Life Technologies / Thermofisher. The press described it as “an interactive web film with a sci-fi twist”. We pulled data from the viewers Facebook account and populated the blank spaces in the video with their photos […]

USING DRONE FOOTAGE TO PROMOTE THE PROPERTY SECTOR We have a lot of clients in the property, hotel, tourist and accommodation and development sectors. The thing they all have in common is the need to promote their buildings, complexes, communities and estates. Alongside all our regular video production techniques and equipment we also have aerial […]

Visual effects is one of the most interesting aspects of what we do at BRADLEY.TV. We love nothing more than being presented with a problem that requires a unique production or post-production solution. One such project was the horse racing GAME ON sting for Ladbrokes. In summary, we needed to find a way of filming […]

Finding the right filming locations UK to film at is often one of the trickiest parts of video production. Getting the perfect location makes a huge difference to your final production. Our producers have a real knack of nailing it first time… it comes from years of experience and extensive searching for our client. We […]

WHY USE A FOREIGN LANGUAGE VIDEO PRODUCTION SERVICE? If your business trades internationally then foreign language video production and native versioning of your content is essential. BRADLEY.TV can produce your video in a wide variety of languages so that you can target existing and new audiences overseas. We have a wealth of experience in producing […]

BRADLEY.TV brings broadcast quality charity video production to the charitable sector in the UK and beyond. We have raised the profile of many organisations and has successfully developed a professional and distinctive strand of filmmaking for various charitable projects both in the UK and Internationally. We have worked with many charities including Cancer Research UK […]