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Charity Video Production In The UK

BRADLEY.TV brings broadcast quality charity video production to the charitable sector in the UK and beyond. We have raised the profile of many organisations and has successfully developed a professional and distinctive strand of filmmaking for various charitable projects both in the UK and Internationally. We have worked with many charities including Cancer Research UK and The Bobby Moore Fund.

Do We Produce Videos For Free?

In a word, NO. We are a commercial enterprise. Please do not contact us for free services.

Do We Offer Discounts To Charities?

In a word, YES. We have a simple formula for working with charities that has served us well over the years. There are two proven options;

The first option is always the best; Tell us your budget and objectives for the project. We will look at both things carefully and advise you on the best way to maximise the impact on your audience and the return on your investment. This will include a 15% discount on all of our production services. The discount is not applicable for talent or hard costs where we are buying or hiring in an item or service.

The second option also works but it’s never quite as quick and clean as the first; If you do not have (or know) what your budget is then we will consider your brief and produce a competitive quote. We will then offer discounts against it where we can. You will get the same result as the first option but there is likely to be a song-and-dance internally and externally and often valuable time and momentum is lost.

To put this into perspective 77% of charity video production uk projects that come to us with a brief and budget in hand go-ahead and end up with a fabulous video. Conversely 82% of charitable video production projects that come to us without a budget or brief never see the light of day. I guess this is a polite way of saying please don’t waste our time as we really wouldn’t ever want to waste yours!


What else can we do for charities?

In a word, LOTS. We can offer you discounts on your video marketing campaigns. We offer a unique and incredibly powerful video marketing services to charities via our VIDEOCLOUD.COM platform. These include both Push and Pull VIDEOTXT campaigns that can capture the mobile numbers of your audience and follow up with VIDEOTRIGGER donation messages. It is a genuine brand-to-hand experience that your audience will love and you will collect valuable data along the way. The days of the ‘chugger’ are now numbered. That’s got to be a positive thing for charities, their stakeholders and potential donators. This service is exclusive to BRADLEY.TV clients.


What Other Charity Video Production Services Do You Provide?

The short answer is all of our VIDEO PRODUCTION SERVICES. The most popular ones are; Expedition videos, documentaries, donation messages, event coverage, launch party filming, celebrity endorsements, ambassador films, live broadcast, TV adverts, online web videos and thought leadership content.

Interested in charity video production? CONTACT us today to find out more about how your charity will benefit from our unique full 360º video service.


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