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Drone Footage For The Property Sector

Using Drone Footage To Promote The Property Sector

We have a lot of clients in the property, hotel, tourist and accommodation and development sectors. The thing they all have in common is the need to promote their buildings, complexes, communities and estates. Alongside all our regular video production techniques and equipment we also have aerial filming in our armoury. There are several categories of aerial filming services that we provide; The entry level and most cost effective options is when we use drones and have our own in-house fully licensed drone pilot.

Drone filming gets us in the sky and enables us a lot more freedom from the directors point of view. We can show of property off at it’s best with fly-by, panning, overhead, crash-zoom and wide, epic and hover shots. We can pick of specific detail of a building that may be unique or important to the client as well as showing off the location and surrounding areas. Drone footage property sector gives us grace, pace, scale and speed… and it’s a lot cheaper to do than you imagine. Typically we are shooting gyro enabled mid-range with Sony F7 or RED Scarlet cameras. As a rule we avoid using DSLR cameras.


What Do We Do When Drone Footage Property Sector Doesn’t Quite Make The Grade?”

Simple. We bring out the big guns. BRADLEY.TV has filmed over 100 hours of HD aerial footage from the helicopter. It can be expensive but you are getting the same full-on cinematic killer shots you’d see in a Hollywood feature film. With almost £5M worth of equipment at your disposal plus pilot, aerial cameraman, aerial film director, Cineflex gyrostabilized systems and an ALEXA camera with choice of lens your guaranteed to get the ultimate property sector footage.


We have filmed many property landmarks this way including The Shard, Houses of Parliament, The Gherkin, and The London Eye. The footage is of such high quality we can do unbelievable things with it in post-production.


For a BBC Worldwide production we created a shot where we flew the length of the thames and crash zoomed into St Paul’s Cathedral and literally ended the shot at the alter. Check out our aerial filming showreel below or watch some videos in the AERIAL SECTION of our PORTFOLIO.

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