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Foreign Language Video Production

Why Use A Foreign Language Video Production Service?

If your business trades internationally then foreign language video production and native versioning of your content is essential. BRADLEY.TV can produce your video in a wide variety of languages so that you can target existing and new audiences overseas. We have a wealth of experience in producing films in multiple foreign languages using native voiceovers and / or subtitles.


BRADLEY.TV offers a comprehensive foreign language video production service that includes interpretation, transcription and translation, voice over, dubbing and local actors and presenters. We are able to produce accurate scripts within tight timeframes by using academically trained native speakers. This unique offering ensures we avoid any embarrassing mistakes or the core message being lost. Scroll down the page to check out the recent Foreign Language Video translations we undertook for BP. Versions were produced in Italian, Spanish, Greek and German.

Can’t We Just Use Google Translate?

In a word, NO! Don’t even think about it! Over the years there has been many examples of inaccurate translations leading to huge embarrassment for brands who try to do this themselves. Sometimes the translation might be technically accurate but unless there is a deep understanding of your objectives and the nuances behind the message you are trying to deliver then your project is doomed to failure. What is funny to an american may be deeply upsetting to a Brazilian. An exciting call to action in French may put customers off in Cuba. Often the emotions are lost and your well intended joke actually ends up with you. So, the moral of the story is simple; Use a professional foreign language video production service like ours; It will save you time, money and embarrassment!

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German Version

Greek Version

Italian Version

Spanish Version

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