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Window Wordsearch @Work

What do you do with 96 glass windows that you know you’re going to have to replace soon?

In 2008 that’s precisely the question we asked ourselves. We’d just moved into the very front part of the ground floor of Monarch House and were sat on orange boxes staring at these large panes of glass. The swanky new windows were at least 18 months away so we thought about it for a bit and decided to play window wordsearch.

Here’s the artwork!


Our good friend Tony from CEEJAYS UK in York printed them out for us and fitted them one sunny afternoon. Within minutes we had cars stopping, people taking photos and a reporter on the phone. Our response was “There’s no story here, just some dumb ass stickers.” Over the years we had royalty stop and look (Princess Margaret), the local MP knock on the door and tell us they loved the idea, students pop in and ask us if they could pinch the idea and one lovely old lady who just wanted to know what it actually all meant. A wedding photographer from Luton once called us to say he’d been in Leeds at the weekend, seen our ‘glass-masterpiece’ and wondered if he could copy our tag line “YOU SHOULD BE SHOT“. The answer to that was of course NO! It all sounds great, it was clever advertising and it generated us some unique enquiries but the reality was those windows were noisy, drafty, difficult to open and impossible to clean. Don’t do it!

A year or two later somebody shot some panoramics in the production office and you can see the Window Wordsearch from the inside!





Thankfully our big glass puzzle went the journey and we now have four huge stunning double glazed panes.
We could always print a massive four letter word beginning with F and ruin these windows too. You know… FILM.

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